Best Gourmia Rice cooker

Gourmia is a small kitchen equipment employer that creates small kitchen tools such as Best Gourmia Rice Cooker. It holds many years of journey, and it improves each consumer’s domestic experience.

It locates in New York. This employer puts a premiere on its healthy cooking technological know-how backed by research and science from the great fitness and cooking specialists in the enterprise infused into every appliance. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Gourmia is fervent about cooking and the equipment for the healthy way of life.

Gourmia Rice Cooker 2021 enables customers to devour better, fresher, and healthier without spending hours in the kitchen, fixing cooking, and cleaning up.

With top rice cooker producers appearing up round the world promising rapid cooking and inclination technology. It’s getting a little larger challenging to guardian out which producers are well-grounded.

Fortunately, Top Rice Maker Gourmia is one such product that has prolonged dedicated itself to the philosophy of a healthier, brighter kitchen way of existence for family circle and humans worldwide.

Recommended best Gourmia Rice cooker 2021

Best overall Rice cooker: Gourmia GRC 970 11 in 1 Digital

Cheap Rice cooker: Gourmia GRC 770

Top multifunctional Rice Cooker: Gourmia GPC 625 Express Pot Electric Digital Pressure Cooker

Best Fast cooking cooker: Gourmia GPC 965 digital Express Pot Pressure Rice Cooker

Large capacity cooker: Gourmia GPC 400 Rice Cooker

Gourmia has been around for a long time, producing multipurpose rice cookers and on the spot pots and perfecting every technique for the existing domestic cook’s needs.

If you’re any person who prioritizes perfectly cooked Rice as good as versatility in your cooker. Then Gourmia rice cooker is the excellent neighborhood to look. They’re recognized for their quality and modern style with steel body.

They have multifunction Cookers that also serve as steamers, slow cookers, and stress cookers. Gourmia rice cookers are adaptable cookers. Job person is tired after hard long working day but still want to prepare dinner a quick rice-based meal.

You feel like you don’t have the energy to put out all that kitchen stuff for cooking. But if you want immediate results, then Gourmia rice cookers are the best choice for you. Additionally, most Gourmia rice cookers are manufacture with 13-in-1 digital 20cup rice cooker preset cooking functions.

It can make delicious meals quick and easy. Now you can cook more dishes just in one push button. Gourmia prioritizes now not solely healthful cooking, however it cook your food more speedy and efficient practice. So there’s no time wasted in the kitchen — ideal for the home prepare dinner on the go.

With their advanced technology, Gourmia rice cookers can deliver the best ingredients in file time, not only Rice. But their multifunctional rice cookers allow them to cook the whole lot from meat, cakes and vegetables faster each time.

Some of the Best Gourmia Rice Cooker products are listed below:

Rice CookerModelView Detail
- Brand Gourmia
- Color Clear
- Material Stainless Steel
- Capacity 20 Cups
- Brand Gourmia
- Black in Color
- Material Stainless Steel
- Capacity 6 Cups
Gourmia GPC625 rice cookerGPC 625
- Brand Gourmia
- Material Stainless Steel
- Analog in Color
- Capacity 6 Quarts
Gourmia-GPC965-rice-cookerGPC 965
- Brand Gourmia
- Material Stainless steel
- Automatic Pressure Release
- Capacity 6 Quarts
Gourmia-GPC400-4-Qt-Digital-Rice-CookerGPC 400
- Brand Gourmia
- Material Stainless Steel
- Silver in Color
- Capacity 3.79 Liters

Gourmia GRC970 11-in-1 digital rice cooker 

Gourmia-GRC970-11-in-1-digital-rice-cookerGRC970 11-in-1 Digital 20-cup Rice Cooker is ideal for the keen meal-prepped or a large household of five. Not only is this cooker capable of serving 20 people, but it’s also additionally built for long-term use with its long-lasting material.

You’d be amazed at how much Rice this rice cooker can cook in only one goes due to the fact it’s also tremendously lightweight in contrast then other Gourmia rice cooker models. This model, in particular, has 11 different rice cook settings.

You also have set cooking time before starting cooking, tuning the keep warm setting, controlling temperature, and so much more. Being on-the-go is no problem because this rice cooker can do the cooking with the least management.

You can do different tasks, exercise, yoga even watches a movie while allowing this rice cooker to do its work and nothing to worry, cooker will cook the rice the ultimate deleicous.

Best rice maker has a large cup capacity. It has 11 functions in one cooker and weight of cooker is only 8.5 lbs. The rice cooker components included cup, inner pot, spatula, steam, tray, inner pot, steam tray, spatula touch. It is created of stainless steel.

One of the dearest things about this rice cooker is the multi-skilled cooking activity. If you feel hunger at noon, then there is no worry with this multitalented cooker because you can cook different rice grains, oatmeal, quinoa, and even yogurt in it. More, it also work as a slow steamer and cooker.

Another different characteristic of this product is 20 cup rice capacity made for a large family and big gatherings. If you are a job person and want to make food for a few days, then this  is best rice cooker to buy for you. This rice cooker has unusual cooking methods that suit your lifestyle.

  • Large capacity
  • 11 function in 1 rice cooker
  • lightweight
  • Variety of cooking functions and settings
  • Increase features then it’s forerunners
  • May be difficult to negotiate Without reading the user manual
  • May is not best for beginners

Gourmia GRC770 Rice cooker 

Gourmia-GRC770-rice-cookerBest Cheap Gourmia Rice Cooker is merely looking, and it can serve food for up to 12 people. It can also steam vegetables, chicken, and meat while you are cooking rice. It can also allow you to set your cooking time in advance.

More rice cooker is excellent for individuals. It is inexpensive. This gourmet model offers more than you pay. More, it can cook for the whole family.

Cooker looks like beautiful modulation on your kitchen counter top. Its digital display makes cooking more straightforward and comfortable to use.

If you want a heavy or three-course meal, all you have to do is lay down all the ingredients you needed in the cooker, then press the button and leave the cooker line to do its sorcery.

The digital display starts a countdown before 25 minutes at the end of the cooking cycle to know how long it is before you get your warm meal. The rice cooker has a delay timer which cook your favorite rice in your desire time.

Make mouthwatering meals by using Best Gourmia Rice Cooker. By using delay timer which keep your food fresh after cooking process ends up to 10hours before you eat. It is easy clean with removable non-stick pot.

  • Versatile
  • Large capacity.
  • Has delay timer.
  • Has to keep warm function.
  • It doubles as a food steamer.
  • Lack of unconventional or unusual features
  • Lack of menu settings to cook different rice varieties

Gourmia GPC625 Express Pot Electric Digital Multifunction Pressure Rice Cooker

Gourmia GPC625 rice cookerA rice cooker that is multitalented, innate, and set up to increase the average user’s cooking experience. It has a preset timer option, but the specific thing is that it can remain up to a day. It has 13 functions in 1 rice cooker.

There are many dishes you can cook in this rice cooker such as porridge, meat, vegetables, and chicken without decreasing any nutrients. If you have a hectic day, then this rice cooker will save your energy and give vitamin and carbohydrate-rich food, which your body needs.

You will cook a meal by pressing a button and your rice will turn into a delicious dish. These are not only a durable option. Speed sensor technology provides super-fast meal and used 1000 watts of power.

That will able to you to cook food 70% faster than average rice cookers.

Another distinguishing feature is the 12-level lid safety lock system, which assures you that your food is cook entirely and the steam remains sealed in.

Rice cooker includes 6 different cooking modes with 13 different setting totally depends on you which one you select all functions works accurately. It has 24hours delay timer when you come to home after job you food will be still hot and fresh. Forget the frozen dinners or last night left-over get deliciously gourmia meal.

  • Has a 12-level lid safety lock system
  • It cooks meals and Rice 70% speedily
  • Has delay timer setting for up to 24 hours
  • It has a precision thermostat that can regulate time without any direction
  • All in one Rice and cooker meal
  • The settings for cooking may be difficult to understand
  • The menu selection may be hard for some users to negotiate

Gourmia GPC965 Digital Express pot pressure Rice cooker 

best fast cooking ovenThe Gourmia GPC965 Digital Express Pot Pressure Rice Cooker is a distinctive model that allows you to put together dinner meals in 13 extraordinary ways. Longing for porridge but not have time to make it on traditional mode but no need to worry because this rice cooker let you add all the needed ingredients in the range.

Just press the button, then leave it for some time and come back to a healthy meal.

There’s nothing higher than being successful in preparing dinner your elements with ease, barring annoying about being late for an online meeting or wondering about different chores you may want to be doing spherical the house.

If you’re man or woman who’s always busy, it might be what you’re looking out for that’s the same rice cooker. It’s gear to help you reduce cooking time via a capacity of 70%, be it grains or meats—even both.

The best gourmia rice cooker can also cook vegetables, meat, and many more. This rice cooker is truly friendly to those who don’t provide more hours in the kitchen. It needs little supervision for working. It is struggle free and problem-free.

Top gourmia rice cooker with electric pressure cooker, where we hear the name of pressure cooker the first thing comes in to mind is safety. Company provides  automatic pressure release technology which free the steam from the cooker automatically which is more safer to use.

  • Digital display made things easy
  • Diversity of cooking menu and settings
  • Speed sense technology cook’s meal quickly
  • ETL certified appliance
  • Cook settings are hard to understand
  • Menu selection may be difficult for some users

Gourmia GPC400 Rice Cooker With Pressure Cooker

large size digital rice makerAre you very busy to cook home-cooked meals? Do cooking sense like a mission and a struggle? Make cooking appealing and nutritious factors at home appropriate with this rice cooker from Gourmia.

Gourmia Rice cooker GPC 400 has digital exhibit makes it available and user-friendly to cook dinner rice with brown and white rice options. The countdown starts before 25 minutes suggest that Rice is except a doubt cook, and as quickly as the cooking manner is entire.

Cooker maintain heat attribute can be used for up to 10 hours so that you can hold rice heat till it’s gear up to eat.

Rice cooker with 13 COOK MODES in which a variety of cook modes including  meat, slow cook, tasty soup, soft beans, poultry, sterilize, and many more. In a hurry, if you want to quick your food faster will less power then this is best rice cooker to buy. That will cooker your food 70% faster with 800 WATTS of quick cooking power.

A stainless metallic improvement affords an easy and cutting-edge layout that is prolonged-lasting and looks tremendous on countertops.

Busy households will revel in this multifunctional Gourmia rice cooker that additionally doubles as a steamer. Prepare clean ingredients that don’t require hours of preparation. Nutritional components are made more comfortable.

Throw in your components, follow the hand to use steps, and allow them to cook. While your meals are cooking, you can attend to exclusive priorities around the house or spend a more fabulous time with your family.

They maintain warm function capability; you don’t have to stand over a hot stove stirring and supervise your meals for hours. After foods have been served, you can eliminate the inner pot and steaming tray for accessible cleaning. You can make soups, stews, oatmeal, salsa, quinoa, and so much more with the rice cooker.

It includes a steam basket, six preset modes, a digital display, and a keep-warm function. The bonus thing which provides for is a cookbook. You can cook Rice more easily and quickly with more perfection every time. It is built of stainless steel.

  • Simultaneous steaming
  • 13 preset modes
  • Bonus cookbook
  • Has a steam basket
  • Quick and Easy
  • May be difficult for beginners

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How do you use a Gourmia rice cooker?

First, place an equal amount of water and Rice in the pot. The lines in the pot indicate how many cups of water in it. First, add a cup of Rice and then water and set the cooking time. The rice cooker’s maximum capacity is 10 cup of raw rice, and 20 cups cooked rice.


Why are Japanese rice cookers so expensive?

Japanese rice cookers direct such high price because it does so much more than a cheap rice cooker. It provides high-quality products with multifunction.


Are Gourmia rice cookers worth it?

It will take rearmost your years and years, it looks great, and can cook more or less any grain you want to toss in it. Bottom line: A high-end rice cooker is an amazingly versatile piece of kitchen appliance, that will save time and make tasty, healthy meals even more manageable. It’s well worth the investment.


How long do rice cookers last?

The consensus is that high-quality rice cookers will last upwards of 7-8 of regular use or 3-5 years of heavy use. Majority rice cookers will come with a 1-year limited warranty and the choice to extend it by 2-3-years depends on the model/brand.

Are Rice cookers or steamers being dangerous?

Rice cookers or steamers are unique, and Even no one fails in perfectly cook side dishes such as Rice, couscous or quinoa. Because these items use electricity to heat water to a high temperature, they present a safety risk if misused.


Can you eat Rice left in rice cooker overnight?

The short answer is absolutely No. It would be best if you threw it out. Leaving for all-day cooked Rice unrefrigerated is dangerous, especially for small children and those with immune-compromised systems. Precooked rice can contain spores of bacillus cereus, and those spores survive during cooking and after 2 hours of cooking if you don’t refrigerate it. The spores start growing, and it produces a toxin that can make you sick, and if you eat Rice, it will cause food poisoning.


How long does it take to cook one cup of Rice in a rice cooker?

Depend on different types of Rice. However, the average time it takes per one full cup for short-grain Rice is 13 minutes,25 minutes for parboiled Rice, 40 minutes for whole grain rice and 50 minutes for Brown Rice.


Can I make popcorn in a rice cooker?

Yes, you can make delicious popcorn in a rice cooker. Pour a tablespoon of oil into the rice cooker along with a few kernels of unpopped popcorn. Tape down the ‘on’ switch so that the range will get the oil hot enough and after some time the cooked popcorn is ready for you to enjoy.

Best Gourmia Rice cooker