Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2021

When the idea of cooking rice comes to our mind, the only thing that comes to our mind is the Best Japanese rice cooker 2021. A kitchen appliance, or we can say a magical gadget that cooks rice in minimum time and serves delicious and fluffy rice. According to one’s perspective, no one can think of any good option other than rice cookers for rice cooking.

Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2021

Coming towards the rice cooker, we think of the best rice cooker producers, and the only answer after doing so much research is “Japanese Rice cooker”. The study says that the Japanese rice cookers are one of the best and fruitful investments in the kitchen that one can make. This appliance is super easy to use and convenient. It saves you a lot of time cooking rice. 

Rice Cooker Made in Japan

Cookers are the quick and perfect solution for cooking rice, saving both your time and extra effort. This is why best rice cooker made in japan are well known and famous worldwide for their durability and with advance technology. When it comes to rice cooking, the Japanese are famous for cooking different types of rice, such as regular rice, soup rice, sushi and fried rice. To fulfil this need, multiple best Japanese rice cookers are design and available in the market. 

Japanese Rice Cooker Brand

An ordinary rice cooker user will cook regular rice, vegetables, and bake cakes, but Japanese rice cooker brands come with various options for cooking rice. Cooking Rice is a quite challenging and complicated task when it comes to comparison with cooking other dishes. 

Japanese rice cookers brand make it easy by providing unique inner pots and quality coating, which is different from other cooking pots. As we know, rice is the staple of the Japanese diet, so the Japanese are so particular and concerned about it. This is what makes Japanese rice cooker high in quality. 

Rice cookers made in Japan are so important and well known that people bring rice cookers back from Japan as souvenirs and gifts. It has become a tradition of bringing rice cookers overseas. 

Best Japanese Rice cookers 

Rice cooker make in Japan are perfect in rice cooking, and they know how to cook rice perfectly. So after traditional methods, they have simply switched to rice cookers as their daily household appliance. To make rice cooking more manageable and better, let’s look at some best Japanese rice cooker models. Some of them are mention below.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSC10Zojirushi rice cooker made in japan is the best option for Family. This one can be best and appropriate for you regarding its size. It is available in both capacities, 5.5 and zojirushi 10 cup rice cooker made in Japan sale. It is made of smooth stainless steel and comes with a measurement of 1/8 x 14/8.5 inches. This cooker is long-lasting, durable and will work for many years as a helping hand in the kitchen. It’s traditional rice cooker in Japan.

It comes with a fuzzy logic which is a sensor that predicts and detects the weather conditions which handles and adjusts the temperature inside the pot and produce perfectly well-cooked rice all the time. Since this is a Japanese rice maker, it can cook white and brown rice, sweet rice, sushi, mixed rice, fried rice, and porridge. It can also steam vegetables, makes porridges and bakes cakes. 

Japan Zojirushi Rice Cooker

It has two delaying settings. One is the “keep warm” option which will keep rice nice and warm for a long time after it is cooked. The meal can also be reheated whenever it is required. 

Asian rice cooker comes with a removable inner lid, inner cooking pan and steaming basket. There is also a built-in Retractable Power Cord. It is easy to clean coated stainless steel exterior. Also, it has easy to read LCD Display Panel with Clock and Timer functions. 

  • Micro computerized fuzzy logic, which handles and adjusts temperature and time.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Stainless steel exterior.
  • Takes a much longer time to cook than conventional rice cookers.
  • The coops are not of US standards. 

 Zojirushi NS-WAC10 Micom Fuzzy Logic Cheap Japanese Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice cooker JapanJapanese rice cooker zojirushi is an elegant and stylish rice cooker that has a dent-resistant plastic exterior body. Its LCD panel is user friendly, and all age type people can use it. It will be the best match with your kitchen décor due to its stylish and sleek body. 

The fuzzy technology plays an essential role in the biggest sale of this Japanese rice pot. Its heating system and inner cooking pot combine and work together to provide perfect cooked rice every time. 

There are multiple cooking functions in this cooker, giving different cooking options such as white and brown rice, sushi, porridge, sweet rice, etc. Best Zojirushi rice cooker has quick cooking options make this cooker more interesting. The meal can be cooked in 25 minutes with this quick-cooking option. It’s best home rice cooker.

Zojirushi Japanese Rice Cooker

Best Asian rice cooker brands includes famous zojirushi rice cooker 10 cup made in japan has a healthy brown rice menu setting. It also has to keep warm and extended keep-warm function. There are two delay timers and a detachable power cord. Rice cooker from Japan instructions manual is in English, French, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 

Best Japanese rice cooker 2021 accessories include rice measuring cup, rinse-free rice measuring cup, nonstick rice spatula and spatula holder. It has a capacity of 5.5 cups which yields into 11cups. 

Black thick inner cooking pan and heating system provide even heating for better cooking results. This item weighs 7 lbs. Tiger vs Zojirushi rice cooker both are world wide famous for Best Japanese Rice Cooker to buy. So, it would difficult to say which us best rice cooker because both have best feature rice cooker.

  • Fuzzy technology
  • Elegant dent-resistant plastic body
  • Keep warm function which makes fluffy rice.
  • Non-retractable power cord.

Tiger JAX-T18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Top Japanese Rice cooker This is another Japanese rice cooker that has Micom technology. This is the big quote model since it can cook 10 cups of uncooked rice. It is also available in tiger 5.5 cup rice cooker size, which yields into 11cups.

Other ingredients can be steamed in the steaming basket while the rice is cooking. Best Tiger rice cooker instructions cooker offers 10 multiple functions such as plain Rice, Mixed Rice, Sweet Rice, Brown Rice, multi-grain, porridge etc.  

Tiger brand rice cooker takes only 25 minutes to cook quick rice, whereas cookers take 45 minutes to cook another type of rice. It specifically does not have an option for cooking brown rice, but it can be cooked through the multi-grain option. 

In tiger rice cooker Japan, Micom technology makes you free from the tension of temperature of your area. Ones who want to cook rice for the following two meals will be entertained by the keep warm function. Tiger rice cookers can keep the rice warm for the next 12 hours, but the friendly mode should be switched manually. Rice can also be reheated before serving.

Japanese Rice Cooker Tiger

If you are in a hurry, white rice can be cook quickly by using the quick function. Also, brown rice has harder husks, but the brown process is specially design for cooking brown rice, which demands more water absorption for cooking. Sushi rice maker gives you perfect taste.

Porridge cooking is more effortless in it than on the stove. Tiger rice cooker made in japan also slows cooks your favorite meals and recipes with slow simmering for up to 3 hours. It helps to simplify your home tasks by using synchro-cooking. Simply rice can be put in inner pot, place ta-cook cooking plate on top and click on the start button.

JAX-S series provides the function of cooking other grains of your choice too. Not only white and brown rice is also cooked. Other grains can be processed by multi-grain function. Japanese Rice cooker steamer also helps to steam different types of meats and vegetables by using the steam function. 

The features of this product are:

  • Micom technology
  • 10 cooking settings
  • Spherical nonstick inner pot with nonstick layer coating.
  • Quickly detachable inner lid.
  • Removable steam cup.
  • 2 Preset Cooking Timers
  • Automatic Keep Warm
  • Available in 2 sizes

Tiger Japan rice cooker has a “Tacook” plate which will save time and let you serve a healthier meal. Took works by using the steam made from cooking rice. It is basically a function that allows you to cook rice and a main dish simultaneously. Zojirushi vs tiger both are well-know Best Japanese Rice cooker 2021.

  • Adjustable cooking time.
  • Micom cooking technology
  • Keep warm function.
  • Stainless steel inner pot.
  • 11 cooking presets.
  • Non-retractable power cord.
  • Water accumulates at the lid. 

Zojirushi NHS-06 3-cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NHS-06It is not going to be wrong if we say that this is the cutest Japanese brand rice cooker. If the requirement is simple without any fancy feature, this rice cooker is best, serving two to four persons. If the number of servings is more than four persons, then some good rice cooker of 6 or 10 cup capacity can be chosen. 

Japanese cooker has a nonstick inner cooking pan/pot, which is long-lasting and easy to clean. The package also includes the measuring cup. Operating this cooker is the simplest and most straightforward task.

As soon as rice stops absorbing water and is cooked, the cooker switches keep warm function and stop cooking rice further. Small Japanese rice cooker keep friendly mode will keep rice warm and fluffy for hours.

Best Japanese rice cooker 2021

In Japanese Cookers, rice cooking can be monitored through its transparent glass lid. Japanese rice makers has only two buttons for cooking, and the other is for keeping warm mode. Rice cooker Japanese comes with a detachable cord, which can be place in any safe area, and your kitchen will not look untidy. 

  • The operating system is user friendly.
  • Moisture is maintain by keeping warm mode.
  • Clear the glass lid to monitor your cooking.
  • No LCD Panel.
  • Splits water from the steam hole while cooking.

Tiger JBA-T18U-WU- 10-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

Japanese rice machine The best quality rice can be produced by this rice cooker. The thing required is to place the right amount of rice in the best rice maker and put an appropriate amount of water for cooking rice rest of the work done by the rice cooker by its automatic cooking logic. Once they are cook, a pleasing rice aroma will spread in the air. 

Tiger rice cooker reviews includes automatic cooking logic is specially design to monitor the temperature. A sensor which detects the water absorption, and then it switches to keep warm mode.

Since so much money is spent on this rice cooker, made in japan rice cooker also fulfils other requirements other than simple rice cooking such as plain rice, sweet rice, slow cooking, steam, porridge, and multi-grain.

With slow cooking, so many recipes can be made, such as stews, soups and other meals. It is easy to clean since the inner lid is detachable. The cooker looks elegant due to its urban white color coating.

This cooker comes with a rice paddle, Japanese rice steamer, ladle and measuring cup. The material of all the accessories is plastic which will last for a long time one heavy usage. Tiger rice cooker amazon have best quality rice cooker also have cheap and expensive rice cooker depends on features that you need. 

  • Automatic Keep warm function.
  • Designed with automatic cooking logic.
  • Multiple cooking options.
  • Nonstick inner pan with 3 layers.
  • The power cord is short in length and non-retractable.
  • Not good to wash with dishwasher.

Midea Mb-fs5017 10 Cup Smart Multi-cooker/Rice Cooker

Made in japan rice cookerJapan rice cooker brand that comes at a reasonable and affordable price. This cooker’s capacity is 5L which means it can serve 5 to 10 persons at one time. It comes with a touch panel which can be hard to use for people of older age. 

Top rice cooker offers 24 hours delay timer for busy people, only put rice and the correct amount of water, then the rest of the cooking is in the oven, when you will reach back your rice will be cooked, and you can serve the warm rice. Best Japanese brown rice cooker with multifunction’s.

Smart Japanese Rice Cooker

11 different cooking options are available for use, such as white Rice, Brown Rice, short rice, sushi, whole grains, baby porridge, congee, stew, steam, soup, slow cook, and reheat. Best rice cooker for sushi rice. Everything is available in one package, which does not let one move to any other option. 

The best Japanese rice cooker 2021 inner part of the cooker is built up with five layers that make the heating process more fast and continuous. This makes fluffy and delicious rice. The steaming tray comes along with the package, also a rice spoon and measuring cup.

  • One-touch control panel.
  • 11 cooking options.
  • The inner pan heats fast.
  • 24 hours delay timer.
  • No water drainage system
  • Food can be burned if rice quality is low.

Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Cooked (10 cups uncooked) Digital Rice Cooker

Aroma ARC-150SB Rice CookerAroma rice cooker ARC-150SB is a versatile one that can cook rice and steam other food items at one time. This huge rice cooker can cook a significant quantity of rice which is 20 cups and very much suitable for Family and guests.

If you love doing a party, this can be the best option, and you can feed people with rice without any hard work. With this rice cooker, different types of rice can be cooked. You can cook white/brown rice, flash rice, steam, slow cooker and keep the cooked items warm for long.

Other than rice, it also steams veggies and meat, which can be mixed with rice. Japanese mini rice cooker is also known as best sushi rice cookers.

It can only be use for steaming vegetables as well. The process is only to put the water in the pot and place the veggies on a steaming tray and start the steam function by pressing the steam button. 

Rice cooker Japan offers 15 hours delay timer function for busy people, which allows them to turn on the range and leave home, and when they get back, they will get the cooked food.

The cooking pot is made of aluminum, and inside, it is coated with a nonstick layer. It comes with a steaming tray, spatula and measuring cup.

  • Sufficient for big Family.
  • Versatile cooking options.
  • Keeps Rice moist for 15-hours.
  • Difficult to operate for older people
  • Too big to carry everywhere
  • Difficult to clean due to size.

Top Japanese Rice Cooker brands

Tiger Rice Cooker 2021
Best Zojirushi Rice Cooker


Q1: What is a Micom cooker?

Micom is an abbreviation of micro computerize. It uses fuzzy logic to operate, adjust the temperature and make perfect rice.

Q2: Can cakes be bake in rice cookers?

Not all rice cookers give this option, but ovens with Micom technology usually offer this function to bake cakes.

Q3: Do Best Japanese rice cooker 2021 stops working automatically?

Not all the rice cookers turn off automatically, but most Japanese rice cookers use sensors to detect that when the rice has absorb the water completely, they shut off.

Q4: Can I Cook vegetables in a rice cooker?

Yeah, mainly cookers come with the steaming tray in which veggies can be streamed easily to serve with any meal.

Q5: How much time rice cooking takes?

IT depends upon the type. Usually, ordinary rice cookers take 40 minutes to cook rice, but rice can be cooked in 25 to 30 minutes if a quick-cooking option is used.




Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2021

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