Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021

Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021

Panasonic is a brand that has become well known in the rice cooking world, however, in hardware. So it’s nothing unexpected that people trust the brand to make great rice cookers, as well. In this survey, we investigate probably the Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021

An ever-increasing number of purchasers in America have gotten open to rice-based dinner, and with that came the approach of rice cookers. Be it a standard cooker, a pressing factor cooker, or a multi-cooker. Rice cookers have gotten more famous than any time in recent memory. 

Best Rice cooker is additionally acceptable for cooking rice. Presently, that may appear to be somewhat excess, yet many people don’t understand exactly how much better rice tastes when made in a decent rice cooker.

One explanation is that the best Panasonic rice cooker is vastly improved at creating acclimations to cooking time and temperature than you can be. Plus, it’s ideal not to need to stress over watching out for rice as it cooks.

With this rundown, we’re investigating the ideal decisions for rice cookers that Panasonic offers. Panasonic is notable for having a wide scope of various kinds of items, including apparatuses for the home and the kitchen. While they don’t represent considerable authority in best rice cooker, the organization does deliver various engaging choices to browse in any case. 

About Panasonic Rice Cooker History

Panasonic is a hardware brand that began in Japan. It began as an unassuming hardware organization established by Kōnosuke Matsushita that ultimately arose as one of the main brands on the lookout.

They gave a wide cluster of electronic things, from the pressing factor rice cooker to clothes washers, to bikes and climate control systems. Presently, they’ve extended their market and have become an easily recognized name in Japan, however, worldwide. 

At the very least, best Panasonic rice cooker items have been effectively gotten by shoppers. With the assortment of items they offer that range various costs, Panasonic realizes how to fulfill every one of their clients, guaranteeing a rice cooker for anybody and everybody.

Top Panasonic Rice Cooker Instructions

There are many reasons Panasonic rice cooker become well-known know the brand for a rice cooker, below we discuss why it becomes so famous. 

Multi-Tasking Rice Cooker Feature

Nowadays, people are so busy in their life that they won’t generally have practically the entire day to spend in a kitchen, and Panasonic knows simply that. That is the reason they have made a group of simple to-utilize rice cookers that are completely programmed, so you can get things done, go to the market to buy groceries, or even you can rest while your rice (or feast) is being cooked. 

More Panasonic Best Rice Cooker can set a timer that permits you to set hours heretofore when you need the rice to begin cooking. So you will not need to stay in the kitchen for long. Just set your suitable time it will start automatically. Advanced rice cookers likewise make distinctive cooking settings mechanized, so you will not need to regularly check up on how your food is getting along in the cooking cycle.

Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker Technology

Discussing performing various tasks is actually what the Fuzzy Logic innovation permits its rice cookers to do. It permits the gadget to cook rice in how an individual would, changing the temperature, speed, and more dependent on climate changes.

This feature makes cooking easier than before, so you can leave the kitchen and still be sure about getting the best outcomes from your Panasonic Rice Cooker.

Models, for example, the Panasonic Fuzzy Logic SR-DF181WST and the Panasonic Fuzzy Logic SR-DF101, are an incredible buy if you wish to be less involved with preparing your dinners. These models additionally come at a different price. However, if you desire to make good rice with very little effort, it is worth it for you and gives you extra time to do more things.

Versatile Control

Suppose there is another thing that earns customer trust and doesn’t stop that brand from five-star rate and review, its direct plan, friendly use, and various multifunction’s. The route is natural and easy to use, so regardless of whether you’re simply getting your first best rice cooker to buy, you will not struggle working it.

 There’s no compelling reason to experience a long guide for directions or attempt to unravel the language since its controls aren’t convoluted in any case.

What’s more, the best Panasonic rice maker is so comfortable to use that the results will be 100% excellent each time. Regardless of whether you’re cooking 3 cups of rice or making porridge, every item has its own all the apparatuses you require. 

Why you use Panasonic Rice Cooker? Is it good to use?

What creates a Panasonic Rice Cooker extraordinary can be distinctive for everybody. For those having a busy timetable, the Panasonic best choice rice cooker for them will be the ones that have functions such as delay timer and have the capacity to keep the rice warm automatically. For those with an enormous family, a cooker with a cup limit bigger than ten is typically the go-to. 

In this way, what creates a cooker decent can differ in all cases. In any case, what makes Panasonic incredible is its obligation to variety. It doesn’t matter what you want and what functions you want in the rice cooker; Panasonic rice cooker makes certain to have a cooker for you. They’re additionally dependable, and no need to keep an eye on rice. It will automatically complete the cooking cycle.

 Comparison Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021

Panasonic Rice CookerModelDetails
Panasonic rice cooker SR-CN108SR-CN108
- Brand Panasonic
- White in Colour
- Material Bamboo
- Capacity 5 Cups
Best Induction heat rice cookerSR-HZ106
- Brand Panasonic
- Black in Color
- Material Aluminum
- Capacity 1 Liters
best large capacity rice makerSR-AFM187
- Brand Panasonic
- Color Champagne/Beige
- Material Aluminum
- Capacity 10 Cups
Fuzzy Logic CookerSR-DF181
- Brand Panasonic
- White in Color
- Material Plastic
- Capacity 10 Cups
cheap rice cooker 2021SR-G06FGL Rice
- Brand Panasonic
- Silver in color
- Material Aluminum
- Capacity 3 , 6 & 10

Best Overall: Panasonic SR-CN108 Electronic Rice Cooker

Panasonic rice cooker SR-CN108Our choice for the Best Overall Rice Cooker is none other than Panasonic SR-CN108 electronic Rice Cooker. A Rice cooker is a powerful device in the kitchen. From its unique functions and cooking capacities to its capacity to make 10 servings of cooked rice (5 cups uncooked).

The SR-CN108 is an apparatus that will not leave you to need anything else. The rice cooker’s heavenly surveys both from customers and specialists make it an incredible competitor in the market. Let’s see why it’s like that.

There are many fabulous things to cherish about this item. However, what attracts purchasers is its variety. Undoubtedly, the 16 different cooking function capacities make it great for any user. 

Need to cook various grains? In Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021 you can select from any of the settings, which have many types of grains in the menu. For example, white rice, delicate white rice, hard white rice, colored rice, multi-grain rice, quinoa, jasmine rice, and sticky rice choices. 

Feeling a little exploratory in the kitchen? Give the leisurely cook or cake setting a spin. You’ll have the option to make bread, delicious cookies, and more with this machine. However long you get inventive, you’ll never run out of plans to try! Besides, the cooker wipes out any requirement for different apparatuses, so you’ll have more space on the kitchen shelf while you’re cooking. 

Panasonic SR-CN108 Electronic Rice Cooker is ideal for both a huge family and an independent person who love to eat but don’t have time to cook, this item has the most awesome aspect for both kind of world. 

Best Panasonic Rice cooker 2021 can cook 5-cup uncooked rice, which yields into 10-cup cooked rice enough for one big family. Because of the cooker’s ability to yield ten cooked rice servings in one go, preparing for a family feast or your office lunch gathering has now become easier to manage. Along these lines, we’d say this rice cooker has the best reviews.

Moreover, we can’t forget to mention the delay timer and keep this cooker’s warming function. Keep warming function, keep the rice warm up to 12 hours, and get back home to get warm and fresh rice. Look at the best costs on Amazon in case you’re prepared to make the buy. The item likewise includes an estimating cup, spatula, power cord, and multilingual guidelines, including English.

  • Multifunction’s
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for solo and big family
  • Stainless pot
  • Includes steaming basket for veggies, meat, and more
  • Bit expensive than others

Best IH Rice Cooker: Panasonic SR-HZ106 Electronic Rice Cooker

Best Induction heat rice cookerMany brands have attempted to make the perfect Induction Heating Rice Cooker. There is much more special about it: the capacity to make wonderful rice without burnt, having perfect use of a magnetic field, and overall induction design of rice cooker.

Best Panasonic Rice Cooker introduces the best induction heating electronic rice cooker, SR-HZ106. You can cook different dishes, yield 10 cups of rice plus. It is not difficult to clean after cooking, so relax it will not make you tired. Best use for a single busy person and the busy mom who doesn’t have enough time to cook food after a hectic day has the perfect companion. 

As we mentioned before, the SR-HZ106 10-cup cooked rice limit and a 5-cup uncooked rice limit. Simultaneously, there is no rejecting that this Panasonic rice cooker is principally worked for bigger families, more modest gatherings, and even the individuals who live alone. 

The huge capacity cooking pot is not only for rice. You can cook many more dishes in that. Indeed, you have the option of 13 additional cooking choices for cereal, porridge, and curry, as well as different types of rice, for example, jasmine and sushi. In case you’re feeling to try something more than you can make delicate treats or a good pudding.

Top Panasonic Rice Cooker Guide

This rice cooker is perfect for cooking rice. All you have to do put grains and water inside the pot but remember to use the measuring Cup of that, and 1 cup of rice needs 2 cups of water. Then switch on the rice cooker. The rest of the part will be done by the device. Non-stick inner pot gives equal heat to each grain of rice, which cooks rice equally and prefect. After finishing its cooking cycle, it automatically turns on its keep warming functions which keep rice warm for a long time.

  • It has an Induction heating system
  • Friendly use
  • Come with multi accessories 
  • Pricey. 

Best Large Capacity Cooker: Panasonic SR-AFM187 Rice Cooker

best large capacity rice makerNow for a big family, the large capacity Panasonic SR-AFM187 Rice Cooker is available in the market. It can cook up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, which yields into 20cups of cooked rice. Excellent choice for the big family or in a big gathering you can easily serve 20-25 people at once by using this cooker.

The biggest problem for people to cook rice properly in huge quantities. Most people can’t cook it perfectly. Sometimes they extra cook them, making the rice sticky, or sometimes they burnt rice from the bottom. But while using Large Panasonic Rice Cooker is no more any problem. Using its induction heating system gives a fabulous taste to rice and is equally cooked. 

More, you will get different cooking options in Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021. It also has a delay timer which keeps from 12 hours to 24 hours. So you can choose your suitable time when you want to start the cooking cycle.   

Additionally, they also provide a steam basket with this rice cooker where you can steam your food like veggies, meat, fish, eggs, or beans. That will save your energy and time, you can put your rice in lower part of the cooker, and one above the rice in the steam basket, you can put your food which you want to cook according to your taste. It is also know as Panasonic rice cooker steamer.

However, Panasonic is a Japanese Rice Cooker brand that comes along to the Japanese language but nothing to worry about due to its multifunction. It also has many more languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, and English. Panasonic large capacity rice cooker can use globally. No matter what is your mother language, you can easily use it. 

Furthermore, many rice cookers are designed for their functions and mechanics. But Panasonic SR-AFM187 having functions with a large capacity perfect combination. Due to the attractive design body of the rice cooker, it looks amazing in the kitchen. Also, you can use it for food business purposes just because of its large capacity and functions. 

  • 20cups cooked rice limit.
  • Having all functions to cook different types of rice.
  • Having inductions heating system.
  • Use globally just because of different languages programmed in it.
  • Expensive than other models.

Fuzzy Logic Cooker: Panasonic SR-DF181 One Touch Rice Cooker

Fuzzy Logic CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker SR-DF181 is one more comfortable well know cooker. Rice cooker is suitable for one or person and big gatherings for friends and family because of its amazing capacity: a minimum of 5 cups of uncooked rice and a maximum of 10 cups of uncooked rice. Five cups of uncooked rice yield 10 cups of cooked rice. 10cups of uncooked rice turn into 20 cups of cooked rice.

You can cook long grain or short grain of rice. It doesn’t matter. It will cook with restaurant-quality perfection. For a quick and healthy addition, Panasonic’s best rice cooker also steam baskets along with them which can steam your vegetables or meat to make your desire food.

Shot on time? SR-DF181 has a quick-cook option in which you can cook food faster than the normal cooking process cycle with the same perfection of taste which will save you plenty of time for the busy person.

The rice cooker is to stop its cooking cycle once it’s complete the cooking to prevent overcooking and its automatically on keep waring function which your food fresh up to 12 hours

Along with the rice cooker, the Panasonic brand provides additional accessories to make users easier to use.

  • Measuring Cup to get the exact ratio of rice and water for best results.
  • Non-scratching rice spoon 
  • Detachable Power cord
  • Non-stick coated pan to clean it easily 

Furthermore, the Best Japanese rice cooker has Fuzzy Logic Technology, which helps cook food delicious like human manner. Technology makes your cooking more effortless and gives more dishes to cook, such as Snacks, hot dishes, porridge, brown rice, white rice, sticky rice, and many more. 

As it’s a Japanese brand so don’t worry about the language, it has four different languages. Operating languages include English, French, Chinese, and Japanese. You can select any one of them for easy use.  

  • Low price with advanced features.
  • Works great with long life along with same quality taste.
  • Easy to use with Fuzzy Logic.
  • 12hours keep warming ability. 
  • Sometimes rice become dry if you kept it long for keep warming mode.

 Best Cheap Cooker: Panasonic SR-G06FGL Multi-Cooker

cheap rice cooker 2021The Panasonic company introduces the best small and cheap rice cooker for their customers. The SR-G06FGL rice cooker has different three sizes: SR-3NAL– 3cups cooked rice, which means you can take 1.5 cups of uncooked rice, SR-G06FGL– 6 cups cooked rice for 3 cups uncooked rice and SR-G10FGL– for more people Panasonic craft 5 cups of cooked rice which yield into 10 cups of cooked rice. 

Best Cheap Panasonic Rice cooker has the best price in the market as compare to other brands. More, the cooker has amazing features in it which attract customers more. Rice cooker is suitable for students and busy professional person. It’s very simple to use. Cookers also have automatic shutoff functions, which stop the cooker after completing the cooking process. 

Along with Cooker Company provides: 

  • Glass lid through you can see rice 
  • Measuring cup
  • Guide book
  • Rice Scoop 

However, the rice cooker gives you top-quality food on one-switch automatic cooking. You can cook a wide range of rice such as brown rice, white rice, yellow rice, short-grain, or long grain. Cooker also a light indicator that shows the cooking cycle begins and ends. Hence it’s very friendly to use and easy to clean. 

  • Small and useful.
  • Available in 3 different sizes.
  • Cheap than others.
  • Easy to use.
  • There is no hole for steam on the glass lid. 

Why are Japanese Rice Cookers so Expensive?

You realize in the market there are various types of rice cookers available. Some are cheaper and are a little pricey. But think if there is a price difference, there is also a huge difference in quality and features.

The Best Japanese rice cooker brand is Panasonic Rice cooker and Zojirushi Rice Cooker. The difference lies between the technology which they provide us in rice oven.

One of the other reasons they are expensive is that they use Fuzzy technology. Earlier, we mention that it’s a programmable chip into a device that allows cooking like humans. That will give you the best result. They also reduce human error and your food more perfectly with very little effort and time.

That’s why Japanese cooker is high in price than others.


ModelUncooked RiceCooked RiceWeight
SR-CN1085 cup10 cup10.31 lbs
SR-HZ1065 cup10 cup9.7 lbs
SR-AFM18710 cup20 cup13.7 lbs
SR-DF18110 cup20 cup7.5 lbs
SR-DF1813, 6 & 10 cup6, 12 & 20 cup2.6 lbs

More best brand for Rice Cooker 2021


–  How much Panasonic rice cooker take time to cook?

Top Panasonic rice maker take 15mins from start to finish point.

– How to cook porridge in a Panasonic Rice Cooker?

Select the porridge menu from menu setting. Close the lid allow the porridge to cook that will take about 15mins to ready in best Panasonic rice cooker 2021.

– Is it OK to leave rice in the rice cooker overnight?

Well technically YES, but we recommend no because it will change the taste and colour of food. long lasting food also produce bacteria which is not good for your health.

– Do rice cookers stop automatically?

Yes, when the cooker done with cooking it will automatically stop to prevent over cooking.


Best Panasonic Rice Cooker 2021