The Best Tiger Rice Cooker 2021 Review & Guide 

Best Tiger Rice Cooker 2021 belongs to Tiger Cooperation, a Japanese company located in Osaka, Japan. Tiger company manufactures commercial and household vacuum flasks, electric barbecue grills, steel bottles, insulated lunch boxes and Best rice cooker. 

Tiger is a well-known brand for a rice cooker. It makes customers globally, and the American tiger rice cooker becomes one of the top sellers. Customer need quality, reasonable price, multi-function, performance and innovative design. That’s what the tiger brand provides in their best rice cooker. 

Top Tiger rice cooker makes kitchen lifestyle more accessible, more innovative and more streamlined.

Tiger Rice cooker is good to use?

Tiger Rice Cooker is not simply acceptable, but they are incredible because Tiger Corporation has made the best rice cookers in the market. If you invest your money where you get the innovation, cooking capacities, and excellent plan you’re getting, you will not regret that’s why the Tiger is popular. If you are a student who lives in a hostel or you big family to serve delicious rice as restaurant taste at home, with this brand, there’s a rice cooker for anybody and everybody.

Tiger Rice Cooker Vs Panasonic Rice cooker?

For buyers, purchasing a rice cooker can be challenging as there are many famous leading rice cookers, such as countless incredible brands in the market. Panasonic is another big brand with regards to making first-rate kitchen appliances. They have many items that incorporate technology, including rice cookers that also give as warmers, washers, pressure cookers, and many more! Best Panasonic Rice Cooker items typically have Fuzzy technology, which provides the perfect result. 

Compare Best Tiger Rice Cooker 2021 with any other brands?

There are many companies such as Aroma rice cooker professional plus, Zojirushi Rice cooker, Gourmia Rice cooker, Cuckoo Rice Cooker or many more. All companies their specifications and unique designs. We can’t say one brand is better than another brand; we need to look at its requirements. If the buyer gets all the things in a rice cooker at a low price, he should go for Best Tiger Rice Cooker 2021. 

Tiger Rice cooker has a verity of ranges having multi-functions such as:

  • Multi-menu options
  • Keep warming settings 
  • Accommodate large capacity of rice 
  • Stainless steel 

Best Tiger rice cooker Features

Latest Technology

Japanese Rice Cooker Tiger is a brand devoted to making life more refined, proficient and hello-tech for their customers. At the point when you purchase a Tiger rice cooker, you’re not just getting functionality and workability, but you’re additionally lifting your way of life and experiencing warm, healthy home-cooked food. 

A Tiger Cooperation starts making vacuum water bottle that keeps warm drink began from tiny beginnings and blasted into a staple for some homes everywhere. They began by assembling vacuum bottles that keep drinks warm. From that point, they kept their way of thinking of making apparatuses that make home life a hotter spot. Tiger is devoted to the development, and it shows in their arrangement of rice cookers.

Their hardened steel rice cookers are known for stretching the boundaries and considering new ideas. Typically, they incorporate 4-10 cooking settings relying upon the model, a non-stick inner pot, induction heating, and programmed keep warm capacities. Their models have different cookers’ capabilities, such as 3 cups (uncooked), 5 cup rice, 6 cups, 8 cups, and 10 cup limit.


Tiger cooperation is not providing just the best rice cooker to buy 2021 to their customers, but they offer many other options such as pressure cooker, steamer and slow cooker. In short, you are getting all in one rice cooker, which also makes your cooking time half—the reason behind giving all these functions to make your lifestyle advance and easy. For the busy person who just active in their work, this appliance makes them trouble-free from cooking. 

Due to having different capacity models of tiger rice cooker, you can cook rice for a batch of people very quickly with a fantastic time. You can cook rice for a large portion of the speed and make a wholly prepared feast each time. 

Tiger rice cooker japan origin is also known as synchro cooking because their cooker has double as a steamer, rice washer and pressure for your easy cook food. Tiger rice cooker recipes are easier to make because, in their rice cooker, you never worry about taste. Whatever your intent to cook, whether it’s fish, meat, veggie or more, a rice cooker will give you perfect taste.

Company craft some stainless steel rice cooker which includes following models:

All rice cooker is available in different cup capacities on Amazon respectively.

Rice Cooker Directions

Something great about Best Tiger rice cooker 2021 is their obligation to marking. From their Tacook cooking plate to the synchro-cooking capacity found in the more significant part of their rice cookers, Tiger realizes that an ideal approach to get brand dedication is to have a large group of capabilities and highlights can interestingly call their own. 

As referenced before, most of their rice cookers have a synchro-cooking capacity that helps the buyer cook a whole cooking process at the press of a button. With synchro-cooking, you can make an entire dinner remembering rice and viand for only one go. Took, then again, is the capacity that keeps your food and rice discrete, so the fragrance of one will not influence the other. While different brands have unquestionably attempted a comparative rendition of this current, Tiger’s brand name on this capacity settles on the more significant decision.

Top Tiger Rice Cooker to Use

Tiger Rice CookerModelDetails
Best overall rice cookerJAX-S10U-WY
- Brand Tiger Corporation
- White in Color
- Material Plastic
- Capacity 5.5 Cups
Multifunction rice cookerJKT-S10U-K
- Brand Tiger Corporation
- Color Black
- Material Stainless Steel
- Capacity 5.5 Cups
Functional Rice Cooker JBX-B10U
- Brand Tiger Corporation
- Color White
- Material Plastic
- Capacity 5.5 Cups
Best cheap rice cookerJBV-A10U
- Brand Tiger Corporation
- Color White
- Material Plastic
- Capacity 5.5 Cups

Best Overall: Tiger JAX–S10U-WY MICOM Rice Cooker

Best overall rice cookerJapanese rice cooker JAX-S10U-WY is more than a rice cooker. It includes many functions: keep warm, steamer and slow cooker. The tiger rice cooker has saved much time with its multi-functions, which can simultaneously cook your rice and food. 

There is no reason why we make this rice cooker the best overall in the tiger lineup because it has many functions which help you cook tasty food with less effort. 

Tiger Rice Cooker Instructions 

  • Plane and Quick (White Rice): in the tiger rice cooker, we have two menus, which helps every user. By pressing the plane menu option, you will find delicious white rice just like restaurant fluffy fantastic rice. In a hurry? Just select the “Quick” menu that makes your rice faster without compromising on taste.
  • Tiger Brown Rice: For brown rice lover, the cooker can cook brown rice with more perfection. The brown takes a little more time than white rice because it absorbs water properly as its hard husk. Hence, this rice cooker has a special menu for brown rice, which absorbs the water completely.
  • Porridge: To make healthy porridge or congee (Chinese Dish), we have porridge function, making it more comfortable than the stove. 
  • Tiger Slow Cooking: In JAX-S10U-WY slow cooking is a significant function and the best in all rice cookers. Put your rice and food in the rice cooker hit the “Slow Cooking” function. It will cook your preference recipe with gradually stew up to 3 hours.
  • Rice Cooker Steamer: Rice cooker with steam in one range. While making your rice, you can steam your vegetables and meat at the same time. There is no need to put oil in it. Cook your meal healthier and oil-free.
  • Synchro Cooking Function: Before press, the start button, place the Tacook plate on the inner pot because that will cook your rice and food simultaneously. 

Tiger Rice Cooker Parts Includes

  • Inner Pan
  • Tacook Plate
  • Measuring cup
  • Spatula and ladle
  • Steam vent cap
  • Inner lid
  • You can cook many dishes with a variety of functions.
  • Available in two sizes, 5.5cup and 10cup.
  • Easy to wash and remove.
  • Difficult for new users.

Best Manufacture Cooker: Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker

Multifunction rice cookerTop Japanese brand tiger cooperation has best induction heating JKT-S10U-K rice cooker. Cookers come along with rice cooking, synchro-cooking, slow cooking and bread baking. We can say the tiger rice cooker is having 4 in 1 functions.

Additionally, the cooker has 11 more menus. Now you can make porridge, white rice, brown rice, mix grains, slow cook, oatmeal and bake with tiger rice cooker more delicious and effortless. 

Rice cooker stainless steel made up of 8 layers: 5 layers of metal and three coating layers. The inner lid is removable and washable—the induction heating technology heats the rice and balances the heat throughout the inner pan. 

Furthermore, a tiger cooker with multi-functions, inductions heating, and a stainless steel rice cooker can also have the capacity to accommodate a 5.5 cup of uncooked rice that is enough for medium-sized families. But if you have a big family, then the tiger rice cooker maker has 10 cups of uncooked rice that is great to feed your entire family. 

Rice cooker has a thermal efficiency of up to 85%. The cooker induction heating system takes less time to cook because technology cooks from an alternative electric from the entire pot.

Tiger JKT-S10U IH Rice Cooker Accessories

  • Detachable inner 
  • Out lid
  • Steam vent cap
  • Measuring Cup
  • Easy to clean.
  • Advance design.
  • Heavyweight.

Best Long- Lasting Cooker: Tiger JBX-B10U Rice Cooker

Functional Rice CookerRice oven is best for 4-5 person due to its capacity of 5.5 cup of rice. Tiger JBX-B10U rice cooker comes along with multi-functions and four menu settings for different shot grain, long grain, mix grain and brown rice

You can also cook your main dish with rice by using the synchro function. BPA free cooking plate includes in the rice cooker, which is used in synchro process and steaming. 

In this rice cooker, you can cook porridge by our choice because this cooker has two option, especially for porridge to make soft or hard.

Tiger rice cooker includes inner pot, detachable power cord, detachable lid, BPA free cooking plate, steam vent cap and inner lid.

The best tiger rice cooker 2021 gives you perfect sushi rice every time. Now cooking becomes more manageable by using a tiger rice cooker and more time to relax. Rice is easy to wash due to its non-stick pot. The range is durable and long-lasting.

  • Cook rice with your main dish at the same time.
  • Friendly use.
  • Innovative.
  • High quality.
  • Expensive 

Best Cheap Rice Cooker: Tiger JBV-A10U Micom & Food Steamer

Best cheap cookerLet’s say you are not chief of your home and you don’t want many appliances in your kitchen for your cooking. Then for you, a tiger rice cooker is worth it. Rice cooker gives you the best results, just like restaurant taste also covers a tiny kitchen countertop area.

Like other tiger rice cooker this cooker also have endless functions.

Lager-size tiger rice cooker also accommodates 10cup uncooked rice which yields into 20cup cooked rice which is best for big gathering. Cooking is now more easier just on one touch.

Now cooking is easier and serve whole big family just cook for one time in very short time. In this Budget friendly rice cooker provides 4 different cooking options.

You can cook Brown rice, White rice, Slow cooking/steam cooking and Synchor-cooking. Easy to clean due non-stick inner pot. Use measuring cup to proper rice cooker ratio.

Best Cheap tiger rice cooker is consider as cheap rice cooker due to low price which is affordable. Even students can easily buy it. Best friendly rice cooker is low in price but gives all functions which is require for your cooking.

  • Easy to clean
  • Best for Beginners
  • Cheap
  • Short Life

Tiger Rice Cooker Comparison

ModelUncooked RiceCooked RiceWeight
JAX-S10U-WY5.5 cup11 cup6.2 lbs
JKT-S10U-K5.5 cup11 cup9.9 lbs
JBX-B10U5.5 cup11 cup8.6 lbs
JBV-A10U10 cup20 cup5.7 lbs

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Frequently ask questions

– How long tiger rice cooker take time to cook rice?

Tiger rice cooker are very easy to use. It will just take 20 to 25min to cook rice.

– Which is better Tiger vs Zojirushi rice cooker?

Well both rice cookers are multifunction’s and best for cooking rice. Zojirushi rice cooker are expensive and all have same technology but Tiger rice cooker are cheaper than other Japanese rice cooker.

– Does rice cooker make better rice?

Rice cooker is easy to use for everyone. Rice cooker make rice more delicious just like a restaurant taste. Biggest problem when you are cooking rice it will over cooked or not equally cooked. But rice cooker solve all the problem it will cook your equally without compromising on taste.

– Are Cheap rice cooker are good to use?

Yes, cheap rice cooker are good to use. The difference between cheap and expensive rice cooker is only that in expensive rice cooker there are more options to cook different types of rice grains.


The Best Tiger Rice Cooker 2021 Review & Guide