How to steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket

Nowadays science improves our living style and makes our life easier. Before, a rice cooker is only used for cooking rice, but not now. Rice cookers are also used for steaming veggie and meat. It doesn’t matter your rice cooker has a steam basket or not. Are you still confusing about how to steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket? 

There is nothing to worry about now. It’s easier to steaming vegetables and meat in the rice cooker to get the perfect diet. Rice is the most eatable dish worldwide, which is the main reason to invent rice cooker. The great point is that electric rice cookers are used to steam vegetables with a basket or without basket.

 If you have a rice cooker, but you don’t have a basket to steam your veggies, nothing to worry about how you steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket because you can still do it without a basket. All you need a small tray, bowl, plate, or even foil sheet that is fine to use.

 How to steam veggies in a rice cooker? 

Steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket

There are full rice cooker instructions to how to steam veggies in rice cooker. If you want to get healthy steamed vegetables, then make sure you wash your vegetables quite well. 

After that, cut your vegetables into small pieces to get proper steaming process. Also, that will take some to steamed vegetables in rice cooker.

If you want to steam veggies in rice cooker with hard skin like pumpkin, you must peel the skin to cook it properly. It will take less time to steam. 

How to steam using rice cooker


How you can steam vegetables without steamer basket or You can steam vegetables along with rice. For that, you need to follow the steps which are mention below. 

Before you put rice in the rice basket, make sure you wash them accurately. 

Add water to a rice cooker. Please keep the perfect rice cooker ratio according to the rice cooker measuring cup provided with the oven. 

If you have a steam basket them put your chop vegetables in it. Otherwise, use heat resistant dish and place veggies on top of rice. 

Turn on the rice cooker. Now rice cooker will take approx. 15min to cook depends upon what kind of rice you want.

In the heat of the cooker, a rice cooker will steam your vegetables.

Take out the steamed vegetables. You can toss them if you like; otherwise, your food full of nutritious is ready to serve. 

What kind of vegetables steam in Rice cooker? 

You can steam vegetables without steamer almost any vegetable in a  steaming rice cooker professional plus, including: 

  • Steam green beans
  • Steamed cabbage
  • Steaming onion
  • Steamed broccoli
  • peppers
  • scallions
  • carrots
  • zucchini
  • dark leafy greens

Rice makers can season these vegetables with sesame oil, salt, and pepper. According to our experts, steaming vegetables won’t take a long time. It hardly takes 10-15mins to steam rightly.

Rice cooker water ratio to steam veggies

aroma rice cooker

Can you steam vegetables in rice cooker? Best electric rice cooker steamer models come in different sizes and functions. How much water is needed to steam vegetables depends on the size of the rice cooker and the number of veggies you want to steam.

How to steam in rice cooker? Typically 2 to 3 cups of water are enough to steam the vegetables. Put the vegetables in the rice cooker cover the lid. Switch on the oven and wait for 10-15 min your tasty steam food is ready to eat. 

Steam time is also depending on the toughness of vegetable if you feel your vegetables is not steam proper you can repeat that process. Get your delicious meal.

How long does it take to steam vegetables

How long do you steam vegetables in rice cooker? This is big confusion nowadays. But nothing to worry. You use rice cooker steamer basket or you want steaming without a steamer it will take almost the same time. More steaming vegetable rice cooker time depend on veggie which you want to steam. Small slice of vegetables take less time but take care of water ratio in rice cooker.

Normally, if every thing done according to rice cooker instructions then it will take 15 – 20mins. Your tasty steaming veggies in rice cooker are ready to eat.

Benefits of steam vegetables in the rice cooker

Steam vegetables are good for health as they are oil-free require your body weight.

Steam food has a pure taste, and it’s the best to get total energy from vegetables. 

Electric Rice cooker with steamer saves much time and provides you the pure flavor of food. 

A Rice cooker with a steamer can cook two dishes simultaneously that is best for the busy person who doesn’t have time to spend time in the kitchen. 

How to steam broccoli in rice cooker

Steam broccoli in rice cooker without basket

How to steam vegetables without steamer basket is easy now. Most people who are conscious about there health they want to eat steamed broccoli because it is highly recommended by doctors.

Now the big question is here is how to steam broccoli in rice cooker without steam basket? Steaming broccoli in rice cooker is now become easier and time saving.

Wash broccoli properly under the running water. Slice the broccoli into small parts. Put it into steam basket or if you don’t have steamer basket then you can also use foil paper, tray, bowl that can fit into your steam rice cooker. Cover your rice cooker with lid. Turn on the power of rice cooker steamer.

Now, How long to steam broccoli in rice cooker? Steam broccoli in rice cooker don’t take too much time. Steam broccoli rice cooker take about 20min to finish steaming method. Your steam broccoli in rice cooker is ready to serve.

Top Rice Cooker with Steamer to buy

There is a lot of rice cooker with steamer available in the market. Many people want rice cooker steam basket in 2 in 1 deal. So many famous brands offer rice cookers and steamer together. 

Best aroma rice cooker PROFESSIONAL 2021

Aroma rice cooker vegetable steamer is your professional chef now aroma rice cooker will cook your delicious meals without any hard work. Aroma rice and food steamer cooker are straightforward to use. 

Some famous aroma rice cooker is listed below which you will want in your kitchen.

 Aroma ARC-914SBD Rice Cooker and steamer instructions

Aroma rice cooker have a lot of functions which make it unique from other rice cookers. Rice cooker and steamer instructions are given by our experts.

Aroma ARC-914SBD 8 Cup

ARC-150SB aroma rice cooker instructions

Aroma 20 cup rice cooker is prefect for big families. This cooker is 3 in 1 because it has slow cooker, rice cooker and steam cooker. It is best rice cooker to steam food. Easy to clean and light weight you can carry anywhere you want. 15 hours delay option which keep your food fresh. how to steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket you can steam any vegetable now in this rice machine.

Aroma ARC-150SB Rice Cooker

 ARC-1010SB rice cooker steamer reviews

If you cook meat or vegetables with rice simultaneously, this rice cooker is best selection. It will not be easy to clean the lid because it is not removable, but you can clean it with a towel. Rice cooker is perfectly used for steaming vegetables and meat.  The pot is removable and washable. Cooker also provides a washable stream and tray.

Aroma ARC-1010SB 20 Cup with Delay Time

 ARC-2000ASB best rice cooker steamer combo

Aroma rice cooker steamer helps you cook your rice and steam your vegetables more faster. After cooking most hectic work is to clean the rice cooker but nothing to worry its also effortless just like cooking rice. You can remove the accessories of rice cooker and clean it easily.

Aroma ARC-2000ASB 20 Cup Rice Cooker with Delay Timer

Best Zojirushi Rice cooker 2021

Zojirushi rice cookers are different in size and capacity. They are also known as the best Japanese rice cooker. Most rice cookers and food steamer are expensive, but this brand has all rice cookers as costly and inexpensive. NS-ZCC18 Neuro Fuzzy Rice cooker steam slow cooker is best in this brand which is helpful for you in preparing meals.
Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker

Best Black and decker rice cooker 2021

How to steam vegetables in a rice cooker without basket for that this brand is famous for its beauty and multi-functions. Our expert fount best rice cooker steamer for this brand is Black + Decker 11-in-1. They have attractive round shape. Best rice cooker to buy 2021 because it has 9 safety pressure functions.  


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